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released February 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Josh Martin and his Imaginary Orchestra New York, New York

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Track Name: Preschool
A hallway with brown shag carpet
I hold a giant bear
Waddle clumsily out
Brush crisp from my eyes
Who left them there?
And who are you?
Did you birth me?
Are you the same?
Or are you someone new?

Worms fill the fields
and the bell to bring the children in is
mine to toll
I dream of it,
the powerful ring
the rope taking waves from my hand
and the bell sends them out
to where the sound stops

Fervently I made the climb
to the highest heights yet seen
The ground so far below
through the plastic and multicolored
mountain tunnels
only stopping once or twice for the view
Track Name: Lily Briscoe at the Easel
Into the palette the brush decends
the brushes sweep Lily's mind to darkness
The shape of her face becomes clear
It's brilliant curves
And it's all she can do to hold in her passion
She mustn't fear she thinks
She must paint what she sees
And from the pallette the brush ascends
And Lily finds herself trapped in a cave
All her inadequacies to the bristles rush
And its all she wishes is to lay at her feet
She mustn't fear she thinks
She must paint what she sees
What would she say to her
Say that she loves her dear
Or more that she loves it all
Her children, her house on the shores of the bay
by the lighthouse
She puts her brushes down

And puts the canvas away
Track Name: An Evening Alone
She wanders, arranging flowers
by the pouring rain splattering the window.
The flowers, she sprinkles with water
and listens to the pitter-patter,
and a tear free falls off her cheekbones
and the flowers drop theirs on the table
This rain depresses her so
and why, you ask? She couldn't tell you...
woe, woe, when will it ever go?

She enters the kitchen, aproned
intent on fixing her supper
for no one but her alone
and all her lovely flowers
she opens the pantry and shuts it again
immobile she stands trembling
and, leaning over the counter she sobs,
I can't go on, I couldn't bare this
woe, woe, when will it ever go?

Can't she see the flowers? Can't she see them smiling? But she's feeling to sorrowful oh,
woe, woe, when will it ever go?

And why so sad, there's no reason
just the constant rain, battering the window.
These flowers, so beautiful
can be such friendly company
They hear the cold patter and like it enough,
It's cold mists awaken their voices,
They soon seem like toddlers idly chatting the day away
They live in a world without sorrow, they live in a world without pain
They'll sit quiet and watch the rain awhile.
Track Name: An Acorn Falls
From it's oaken mother's branches
the water seeps slowly out to it
Drops run through his mother to him
For what he thinks he knows no better, yet
But soon he finds he's to heavy
severs the tether with his weight and falls

And as he falls he feels first fear
the unknown is always a little frightening
He's checks his back and almost looses his cool
but still an elation, a wholly new view appears

landing with a crunch on neighboring corpses
he rebounds slightly before he settles
removing his cupule beanie and shoes
he surveys his new home with child-like wonder
He laughs naively rolling round having buckets of fun
Unaware blissfully in aware
But soon approaches a mischeivous squirrel
Whose greedy hands did grab around his waist
and take to lair beneath a knotty Elm
to store for a certain chill awaits
The squirrel he fears might do him wrong, but
Burried alive 'neath moistened soils
He hears a ruckus from above
The squirrels been gone a long time

And as the years pass, he grows strong and tall
self reliant feet bring him his own water
and soon he can feel a sunshine he remembers
as if waking from a hazy dream.
Track Name: Ran Far Cry
Ran far cry
From the people I let
Pass me by
And I left the bones right
where they lie
and the people I left
Wondering why

If I've Found no home
No place better for me than to roam
The sturdy boughs within each baum
Would shade me till the morning come

And I'll Eat the wild berries of the field
For the food still grows right up out the ground
And soon the growth will surely make a yield
That any wanting person may have found

To my family I
promise to apologize
but to run is not also to hide
from the life I chose to live by

If they search for me
though I doubt they'll reach across such leagues
they will find me living in the trees
far more whole than where they'd have me be

And I'll climb the branches up to grab the fruits
And munch them heartily from canopies
Feeling deeply down into the roots
the water seeping back up to the leaves

If I'm Lost for good
And I should have listened better than I would
But I'll look to you, oh sheltered wood
And return the favor if I could
And I'll try
to live my life like you until I die
And you then may decide
If in your ranks you'll see me lie

Keep your palms ready for the meal
And keep your eyes peeled on the ground
For our food will always fill the fields
And our love springs in leaps and bounds

I have found my home
The earth and she will
Build my very tomb
Beneath the ancient
Full Bloomed Baum
Let it shade me till the morning come
Track Name: Mothers
Coldest winter yet
Traveling a road bound eastward
We have family there
A grandmother, who no longer tells us how much, she needs us but silently prays we'll learnBefore it's too late she'd say

All of these oranges on the side of the road
Fallen from the frost
Perfect and left like Easter eggs for us
To collect and show our mothers

The clouds puffed and well defined
Easy for my mind to morph into shapes that they weren't before
They reach out to me, to speak the things I wish to say,
To the people who are gone

All of these oranges on the side of the road
Fallen from the frost
Perfect and left like Easter eggs for us
To collect and show our mothers
Casey and I fall into ancient conversations
Fall into silence, thought
The years have passed, but the life goes on
and I turn to him and say that,"Where we are now is where we'll always be."
Track Name: Big Green Field
Big Green Field, How you call to me
Sea of Grass, Expanse Space
Big Green Field, Becon with your billion fingers
How you call to me

And there it stood before me
and I gasped, gazing upwards at the vaulted sky
Love I feel and think of you, as you always asked me to
Stepping through the fields of wild rye
Pacing the labyrinth too the center

Big Green Field,
may I live like lice in your hair
pluck your leaves for bracelets

Lying in the center, the open ocean stretched to all sides
My lungs are catacombs, Laughing, playing catch with shooting stars
feel the wind shoot by…

She is with the wind, she rides wildly
Laughs and spurs, hoots and yeehaws
faster and faster she cries!

And she sees me too, knows my face and likes it
embraces me furiously, as if old friends reunited.